More Adult Colouring Books

This is another time in my life I was ahead of the trend. I’ve had some Dover colouring books for years, just for the great line drawings to use as embroidery or miniature rug designs.

Anyway, during a stressful week, I took one out and started colouring a page with Faber-Castell Polychromos coloured pencils. This is from the Dover Paisley Designs Colouring Book; page eight to be exact. I have chronic tendonitis so have to wear a cuff when I draw and limit the amount I do, but this is coming along after three days.


I decided to buy three colouring books with nature, bird, and animal designs. Two of them contain mandalas which is a bonus.


I suppose many people might consider this a stupid pastime, and I do regular artwork that requires more thought and supplies, but sometimes you just want to dip in with colour without a lot of thought. I also find the rhythmic action of colouring meditative and soothing. Plus I can use Scarlet Red.

To each their own.



And the next day a lovely moth from the book Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta. LOVE the French Gray pencils in the Prismacolor set.


Slightly bleached out at the bottom by the flash but the best I could do.









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6 Comments on “More Adult Colouring Books”

  1. Colouring in is so therapeutic, I also do the same when I am too tired or stressed to draw. I also draw repeat patterns for the same reason. I have tried to meditate, but colouring in does the same and so much more fun. Karen

  2. Roseanne Dix Says:

    These books have just hit our shores and creating a lot of interest and little groups who gather for tea and colouring in. Its wonderful. I always had a problem with staying within the lines, but I admire the work that is being done and I can feel the meditative benefits. Remember I did a Mandala table years ago? But its anything but symmetrical.

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Yes, I loved that table!! I think it’s the one I referred to as the “compass table” in a recent e-mail or did you do two? I think you did do two.

      Funny, I just saw a colouring book with South African designs while browsing. Just a sec…

      1) Colouring for Adults: Mandala Art by Lize Beekman (a South African artist.)

      Her web page seems to be down but if you Google her the pictures in this book come up–really nice.

      2) Creative Haven African Designs

      3) Dover African Designs

  3. I love coloring books because they allow me to have some “me time” I can focus on one thing and in doing so feel relaxed!

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I think you’ve hit it on the head–it’s the paring down to ONE thing. We are so distracted today, always checking e-mails or phones, that we’ve forgotten to relax and have fun.

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