Ink Dink a Bottle of Ink

…the top fell off and you stink. Ah childhood, such wonderful rhymes and uplifting comments.

I am getting ready to write two letters in reply to ones I received. I have been making my own stationery lately in Photoshop since I got my Sustainable Earth copy paper from Staples. Ideally, I could match the colour of ink in my fountain pen to the colours I use on the stationery but that would render me insane and I wouldn’t want that.


No, I prefer the serendipity of using what’s loaded at that particular time.

This time I have loaded up my new bottle of Rohrer and Klingner Verdigris ink, which is a lovely bluish green and somewhat dark but not too dark. The paper I’m practicing with is a rejected letterhead I tried out that needed some adjusting.


And while contemplating lovely stationery and ink colours, I have been constantly browsing and thinking of what journals to get for next year’s writing and journalling. I love the oversize journals that Peter Pauper makes best so I have decided on these two.


Eventually, when I have the money. I hope they aren’t out of print by the time I get to purchase them. Yum, you’ve got to have the gold edging on the pages and gold stamping on the cover.

Just like you’ve got to have purple ink and Verdigris ink and blue and grey ink, and two shades of green ink.




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4 Comments on “Ink Dink a Bottle of Ink”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    the colour of envy? verdigris.

  2. Such beautiful journals and inks to match. So many inks, so little time! Karen

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      A lot of people go ga-ga over the J. Herbin inks with the gold or silver sparkles in them. So much so that Diamine are coming out with a range of coloured inks with sparkles. The flakes sift to the bottom so you have to shake the bottle or pen to get them up and flowing, and they can have a tendency to clog if left in a pen too long.

      Yuck! Give me plain old ink any day. I am still trying to decide on a red ink. I tried Diamine Oxblood (too dark), Diamine Syrah (not bad) and Rohrer and Klingner Morinda (my fave so far. I also like the Noodler’s Ottoman Rose.

      But, how often would I use red ink, that’s the quandary? I might just buy the Waterman Red so I can mix it with Waterman Purple to get a violet. That way I can have either Violet or Plain Red and if I mix it with Waterman Brown I can get Oxblood.

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