A Journal and Blue Ink

I’m in my blue period and decided to squeeze out a treat for September and spent $28 on myself. Usually I am not “allowed” to spend money on myself but I managed this month.

I bought the Great Omar oversized journal from Peter Pauper Press and a bottle of Waterman Serenity Blue fountain pen ink.


I needed some serenity.

It’s rather haunting to think that the original Great Omar went down on the Titanic. This is a nice facsimile, although it doesn’t have the costly jewels.



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2 Comments on “A Journal and Blue Ink”

  1. Great Journal, you deserve a treat. I went to have a look at these lovely journals after your last post, what a great selection, but I like the one you have chosen the most. Karen

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Thanks Karen, I dithered about which one to get long enough and just went for one. They do have some nice ones, but many of the designs I like are in the small journals and I prefer the larger ones.

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