New Template for a Business Envelope

I have been finding the larger half-fold envelopes I make to be rather bulky, so today I made a template for a business letter sized envelope. It worked perfectly so I went ahead and cut seven envelopes from fancy paper.

Click to enlarge.


I also needed a template the fit in my old road atlas so I could make larger envelopes from maps, and the half-fold template wouldn’t fit. This new one does, so problem solved there.

I found some scraps of paper so cut out two small quarter-fold envelopes too. I am suffering today with “The Aches” as I call them, due to fibromyalgia, but I felt I had to do something, produce something for the day.

Not bad, and I got to use up some more of the odd bits of scrapbooking paper I have.

Update: Two days later, in the realm of “Bet you can’t make just one!” I made some more. No, don’t make one, make fourteen. That’s the way to do it.






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2 Responses to New Template for a Business Envelope

  1. These are great, would love to get a letter in such a fab container.

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