Organizing Decorative Papers

About a decade ago before fancy card stock and scrap paper was more readily available near me, I placed a mail order for some nice paper. It came in a large 14-inch square box and I kept the box to store the paper neatly.

As the years went on I found myself with small scraps of unused paper that I keep for collage, and I kept larger sheets of scrapbooking paper in plastic bags to protect the edges. Still, things would get crumpled and mixed up and the box looked messier and messier. Lately with the impetus to make my own envelopes, I bought even more scrapbooking paper and it was getting wrecked trying to store it neatly.

I kept this on my book shelf next to my light box, with my Fiskars paper trimmer on top of it. Paper and plastic could often be seen slopping out the sides and the lid wouldn’t stay down without the paper trimmer on it.


On a shopping trip to a larger town for  grass seed and tarpaulins today, I got my husband to let me do a bit of shopping in Michael’s. They had scrapbooking paper on 5 for $1 so I bought 10 sheets, and as we were checking out I noticed they had 14-inch square plastic boxes with snap lids on sale for $3.99 each, so I bought two.

It took me about an hour to reorganize this paper and sort through the useable scraps. I kept the really small pieces with some tea bag folded designs in a separate Ziploc bag, and I have the full sheets separated into letter sized sheets and large 12 x 12-inch sheets.


It sure looks better! “Cheap and cheerful” as the saying goes.





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