Keep Modifying that Planner Until You Collapse

During a protracted bout of insomnia I have been working on this planner page yet again. That’s right, if the melatonin doesn’t work go into Photoshop and do something productive, then print it off and modify it again.

I’ve lost track of how many modifications I did, but after five days of using the original modification (in a prior post), I decided I needed to redo it and then tweak it, and then add colour, and then tweak the kerning on a few letters, and I was done. Maybe.

I bought some cheap new stickers so I stuck some on in relevant places. Cupcake stickers are perhaps not the thing to use in a business environment, but colour is always useful to attract the eye to appropriate areas on the weekly plan. If a sticker has icing you know it’s really important. If it has glitter you had better do what you’re supposed to do or you won’t get the cat sticker on next week’s plan.

Yes, I mean business.

Click to enlarge.


If I find that I have more than twelve things to do or remember, I can spill over into the focus box. My book log has grown wider to facilitate lengths of rumination. I also get a quote for the week as a necessary nudge toward greatness.



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2 Comments on “Keep Modifying that Planner Until You Collapse”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    OMG…Madame Organisation her-very-self. NOT showing you mine.

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