More on Cursive Writing and the Loss of Human Independence

Liz Chan from Wonder Pens is fighting the good fight for cursive writing, having started a cursive writing class for children. Way to be Liz. The subject has been written up in The Globe and Mail of all places.

Liz has an interesting post on this and a link to the article. Bring back the human mind: for me this goes way deeper than a lack of time to teach it, it’s another way to control what people learn and see, another way to limit them, limit their independent thought. What you get when that happens is people who never question. They don’t question because they have no way of knowing what is happening, no way to learn about issues, no way to compare and contrast and think rationally and independently.

A docile population that doesn’t question or understand things gets a bit scary. Which sounds nutty, but if you look back in history, it reminds me of the illiterate populace of the Middle Ages, who couldn’t read Latin or understand the Latin mass, but went to church anyway and were taught what to believe, having no way to read or write themselves, having no way to question the government or church, no knowledge of arithmetic or higher mathematics, their masters doing it all for them and enslaving their minds and bodies in serfdom.

Oh well, we are much too smart to go there again. Much too smart to give up our choices and personal power and independence. It couldn’t happen here.

Ask someone who bought 150 shoes they rarely wear and are in so much debt they can’t afford housing, ask them if they understand arithmetic. They were taught to buy shoes, to consume without thought, instead of to learn cursive writing.

It starts there – not such a leap after all.






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