Travelling with Fountain Pens and Ink

I have my inks packed in a 9 L plastic storage box which measures about 13.5 L x 8.5 W x 5 H inches. I couldn’t find a tote bag that fit it and still kept the ink upright.

In desperation, I looked at hardware stores and eventually found something perfect at Canadian Tire for $29.99 CAD. It’s imported by Kuny’s Leather Mfg. Ltd. from Alberta and is part of their Tool Works line. Instead of leather it’s made of polyester fabric and has reinforced webbing for the handles and shoulder strap. It also has a metal frame inside the fabric and a zipper.


It fits the plastic box neatly, and will be easy to carry my bottles of ink in and out of the car for travelling. Plus, it’s protective and cushioned by pockets inside and out, so it provides added safety for moving my collection of fountain pen inks. Once the inks are transported this useful bag can be used for tools or many other things.


Yeah, everybody needs a bigmouth…bag. 😉







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2 Comments on “Travelling with Fountain Pens and Ink”

  1. Great bag, must see if they have them here in Australia or we can get them sent. I carry my art equipment with me all the time and I have been looking for the right travel bag. You can get special craft ones but they come with a ‘special’ price. Karen

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I once wanted a tabouret and it had a special price too, so I bought some plastic storage drawers and call them tabourets. My husband laughs his head off every time I say that.

      I’m sure you can find something Karen. I was quite surprised that this sort of thing existed, and at an affordable price.

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