New Sketching Book, Pilot Metropolitan, and Handmade Envelopes

I am still looking for my sketchbook so I can finish my 2015 weekly sketch project. I’ll try to hunt it up today, but I am settled enough in the new house after moving 4500 kms that I feel like creative projects again, particularly drawing.

I wanted one of the new Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens in the Retro Pop colours. I had originally wanted the red one but maybe because it is Spring, I chose the green one with the stylized band of leaves. I have it loaded up with Diamine Meadow ink and it writes beautifully as does my older Pilot Metro.

While ordering, I needed something for free shipping and was intrigued by the book Sketching People: An Urban Sketcher’s Manual to Drawing Figures and Faces by Lynne Chapman. I am determined to draw people and thought this more casual approach might ease me into it.


In a large box of cat figurines, I found my two boxes of scrapbooking paper with my envelope templates, so I made two 1/4-fold envelopes up in cream-coloured cardstock and did some sketchy things of wildflowers on them.


I was just itching to draw something! I’ve got all kinds of references ready for three of the weekly sketches I needed to do back in November 2015 so I vow to find the relevant sketchbook for that project and get going to complete my drawings.



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3 Responses to New Sketching Book, Pilot Metropolitan, and Handmade Envelopes

  1. Clad you have settled in from your big move. I am in the middle of my packing as I move in two weeks, but only 100km. I am really interested in how you find the book on sketching people as it is something I really struggle with in my sketching too. Beautiful cards too. Karen

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      Hi Karen! Up to this move I had never moved more than 100 kms either. The thing about that is that you can use your own car to transport bits and pieces–we had to leave all our plants and cleaning products–everyday stuff behind.

      Packing is a stressful thing but for us the up-in-the-air aspect of not having a house when we moved out here was the big stress. Staying in a motel with pets, travelling 4500 kms with pets. Searching for affordable homes in areas we knew nothing about, all that jazz.

      Thanks about the cards. If I ever get time I hope to use the sketching people book too, particularly when I get going on my sketching blog again.

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