Quit Bugging Me Maplelea

I can’t believe it. After asking to be taken off their mailing list nearly three years ago after this happened, I received a catalogue in the mail, forwarded from my old address.

I was not selling anything, it wasn’t a cold call.

I have one Maplelea doll, Saila, whom I like. She is currently packed away while I look for a storage cabinet for her and some other dolls. I have not bought anything from Maplelea since e-mailing their dismissive employees to suggest it would be great for them to provide some sewing patterns that fit their dolls.

AND I still refuse to buy anything from them. Whoever is designing their clothes lately has no sense of colour and no imagination. Each doll has a set colour palette which they use to design clothes, but it gets boring after a while. No imagination.


Oh, and you know, no one has really offered a good sewing pattern for Maplelea dolls. I saw one for nightwear which looked nice, but the fabric of the body showed, which ruins the illusion for me. After all this time, sewing patterns for these dolls really don’t exist. It would be nice to have a decent wardrobe-builder of a dress, that you could change or embellish to make more styles.

Sewing patterns for humans usually feature different views and sleeve lengths. Most doll patterns don’t do that which is short-sighted. Instead of a $5 pattern, someone with pattern drafting skills could release a multi-pattern, priced accordingly. I have several doll books with patterns but they don’t fit these Maplelea dolls and require endless adjustment.

I’m telling you, someone could make some money offering properly fitted sewing patterns for clothes that are specifically sized for these Maplelea dolls.







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