A Fresh Round of Embroidery and Quilting Books

I saw a couple of embroidery and sewing books that seemed to have a fresh approach so bought three of them for my collection.


1) Modern Folk Embroidery: 30 Contemporary Projects for Folk Art Inspired Designs by Nancy Nicholson

I have often admired Nancy’s patterns on Etsy, but thought I’d get more patterns in her book so was pleased to finally buy it when it was published. It’s so nice to see books on hand embroidery coming out for new generations who want to pick up the craft.

2) Tilda Homemade & Happy by Tone Finnanger

She is quite prolific and I’ve seen lots of her designs around, but I liked some of her reindeer and pigs and sheep in this.

3) Zakka Embroidery: Simple One- and Two-Color Embroidery Motifs and Small Crafts by Yumiko Higuchi

These are tiny motifs and I was interested in her ideas for small purses using purse frames and embroidery. I have several purse frames on hand so want to use them up. There are lots of small cross-stitch motifs around but not many for hand embroidery, so this looked good for my library.

I was able to buy a new sewing machine, the Janome 9400, and I’m hoping it will enable me to quilt about 12 to 14 quilt tops that are languishing here. I took all the quilts and quilt tops out of the Rubbermaid trunk they’d been stored in for two years while we were selling our old house and moving and they reeked of plastic.

I spent some weeks washing and airing them and bought a nice wooden blanket box to store them. As I was confronted with the old tops, some dating back to the 1980s and 1990s, I felt the imperative to finish them. I cleaned up and reorganized my sewing area and now I have the fabric cupboard to deal with.


There is another Rubbermaid container in there, so I’ll have another round of airing fabric, but I particularly wanted to get my fabrics and scraps organized by colour and sew up some simpler quilt patterns. I have been quilting since 1984 so I have many magazines and books on the subject, and I’ve given away many more but I liked the fresh look of these publications and many of the designs.


1) Sunday Morning Quilts: 16 Modern Scrap Projects – Sort, Store, and Use Every Last Bit of Your Treasured Fabrics by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison

2) No Scrap Left Behind: 16 Quilt Projects That Celebrate Scraps of All Sizes by Amanda Jean Nyberg

3) Scraps, Inc. Vol. 1: 15 Block-Based Designs for the Modern Quilter Compiled by Susanne Woods

4) Scraps, Inc. Vol. 2: 15 Block-Based Designs for the Modern Quilter Compiled by Susanne Woods

I am not in good health but things are improving, so I want ideas and projects and happier creative endeavours to look forward to. That should sort me out (pun)!

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4 Responses to A Fresh Round of Embroidery and Quilting Books

  1. murielmakes says:

    Oh wow, your sewing space is amazing! I have been missing your blog updates for some reason. Must see if I can work out why as I was sure I was following this blog. Hope you are well 🙂

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      Hi Lorraine, I love my sewing space. At the old house I sewed on the dining table where no natural light came, or in the basement which was freezing. It’s so nice to have a bright and cheery place now. I got some proper LED bulbs for the lamp and it’s easier to see at night too.

      I was catching up with your revamped blogs a few weeks ago and here you are! I haven’t unpacked my dolls yet, but I just bought two flat pack glass display cases to put them in–just have to reorganize the third bedroom and then I can get these cabinets built and hopefully get the dolls and dollhouse stuff out of plastic bins in my bedroom closet.

      • murielmakes says:

        I look forward to seeing pictures of your new cabinets and dolls in situ!

        • JJ ColourArt says:

          Sorry, I haven’t been online to approve your message. I’ve hit a quandary with the cabinets, they are a medium teal colour and I find the dolls don’t stand out well, so I think I might have to cover the inside with white Bristol board. I am hesitant to paint them as it would require primer and severl coats to get it white, so I’m going to try the paper idea first.

          That way I can see the dolls rather than just having them shoved in there.

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