New Botanical Drawing and Painting Books and Sketchbooks

Botanical Drawing using Graphite and Coloured Pencils by Sue Vize which has a lovely mix of graphite and coloured pencil, one of my favourite approaches to botanicals.

The other one uses support boards for painting which is not something I’m interested in but he has some useful information on glazing and mixing with gouache. Botanical Painting with Gouache: a step-by-step guide by Simon Williams.


I am still having trouble with my shoulder which makes it painful to draw but I am following a vegan eating plan and hoping that will promote healing. To dispel discouragement because I haven’t been able to work in my large Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook for the pretend trip to Chile, I ordered two smaller Stillman & Birn sketchbooks with the same heavier weight of paper for everyday sketching.

I got the wire bound 7 x 7-inch Beta paper which is slightly rougher than the Zeta paper but not as rough apparently as cold-press watercolour. Then I decided to try a softcover Zeta sketchbook in a smaller 8 x 10-inch size than the hardcover I have.


I really like these heavier weights of paper that Stillman & Birn offer. Curry’s in Canada has discontinued carrying these sketchbooks and local shops won’t carry them because of the price, but I mail ordered mine from Aboveground Art in Toronto, who have been very good to buy Faber-Castell supplies from, which I also find hard to hunt up.

Here’s to healing and feeling better!



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2 Responses to New Botanical Drawing and Painting Books and Sketchbooks

  1. mooninfog says:

    Spouse and I are taking a 14-week class on Sketchbook Techniques at the local art museum. Materials: sketchbooks, preferably with a sewn signature for versatility in composing across a double page, waterproof pens and watercolors. So far, fun!

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      That’s fantastic!! 14 weeks is a lot, it will be great.

      The Stillman and Birn sketchbooks have very sturdy sewn signatures. One of the reasons I bought the softcover one is that it’s supposed to be slightly better than the hardcover for lying flat to do double spreads.

      I never seem to have the boldness to do that, but I will aim for it. 😉

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