Quilting Books and a New/Old Quilt Project

The book Patchwork Please! by Ayumi Takahashi has been on my wish list for some time because of a pattern she has in the book for the You’ve Got Mail Wall Pocket which features paper pieced letter envelopes that are pieced open so you can use decorative fabrics for the fancy “paper” inside the envelopes. As someone who loves to write letters and make envelopes I found this pattern quite exciting. I don’t think I’d make the full pocket but for a little wallhanging this envelope pattern would be great.

I notice there is a big trend for improvisation in quilt piecing, and I wanted some inspiration and fresh ideas, so I bought The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sheri Lynn Wood and it is lovely to browse through the book and get ideas.


With winter coming on I always feel like quilting. I resurrected a project from May 2009 when I made quilt blocks using the book Crazy Shortcut Quilts. I made it all scrappy and I think it was too much a jumble and I set it aside for years. In my new home I have a small sewing studio with a nice big table and two sewing machines. I reorganized my quilt fabric and got it sorted by colour and it’s given me so many ideas now that I can put my hand to things.

So I hauled out these thirty Crazy Shortcut blocks and added sashing on them and ordered some fabric for the strips I need for the quilt-as-you-go method. The book calls for embroidery stitches but people have varying success with those when used as quilting stitches, so I’m just going to use my walking foot and some straight lines perhaps in a shattered pattern. I laid them on the floor and pinned numbered labels and rows on each one, so I don’t get them mixed up.

It’s still not my favourite project but once quilted it will make a nice change on my bed.


Now I have to baste the blocks together with backing and the bamboo-blend batting I bought for it back in 2009. I’ve been side-tracked by sewing nightgowns and a dressing gown but I’ll chip away at it.


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