Toned Paper and Sketchbooks

Strathmore recently came out with a heavy 184 lb or 300gsm pad of Toned Tan Mixed Media paper with a vellum surface. I have a sketchbook of their lighter toned grey paper and have never used it as the paper seems very light, so I bought this 9 x 12 inch pad to experiment with.

Then my favourite sketchbook publisher Stillman & Birn came out with their new Nova Series of sketchbooks with toned paper for mixed media. Slightly lighter in weight at 150 gsm, it still feels wonderful and has the added bonus of being Smyth-sewn into a sketchbook form. I bought one with black paper at 5.5 8.5 inches and one with grey paper in the 8 x 10 size.

I love my two large Zeta Series sketchbooks, so while I was ordering the two Nova sketchbooks I also bought a landscape mode Zeta sketchbook in a 8.5 x 5.5 size. I’ve always wanted to try doing long, thin sketches by doing a double-page spread in one of these landscape sketchbooks, so I have plans for that.


Art supplies are hard to resist, particularly when you see a new technique or good paper!

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