Art Books for Christmas

I usually do up little montages and text citations for books, but I bought so many for Christmas that I’m using photos to explain.

As usual, I started buying these before Christmas, but I had been waiting for months for the publication of Mindy Lighthipe’s book so threw in a few more to get free shipping. Anna Mason is new to me but she has some videos up on YouTube and also offers courses, so I bought her book and it is wonderful. I notice she has a new book coming out in June 2018 that covers watercolour painting of fruit, birds, and animals so that’s a must-buy for me.


I enjoyed Billy Showell’s book on painting vegetables so much that I thought I’d backtrack and buy two of her earlier books. I really like her methods and tutorials.


These last books were for fun and inspiration and I haven’t done anything but browse them but there is good art and eye candy and lots of ideas. The Freehand book was a disappointment as it was mostly digital examples.


I find that when I buy a bunch of books together, it takes a while to go through them several times and assimilate the ideas, but it was Christmas so a special situation where the influx of books was a bit overwhelming.






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