Finally, the Watercolour Mixing Charts

In June 2016 I started a mixing chart for a new palette of 24 Winsor & Newton half pan watercolours. It took me years to be able to afford these and when I got them I was so intimidated that I felt hesitant to use them. Doing up a mixing chart was supposed to alleviate my unfamiliarity with them, but we were wading through a bunch of home repairs at the time so I was frazzled in general and stopped.

I couldn’t believe 18 months had gone by so I finally completed this. Due to arm injuries it took me about four days to finish but it is so useful to have and I learned a lot about the pigments, particularly the new ones like Naples Yellow, Cobalt Violet, Brown Madder and Cadmium Orange and Red which were all new to me, at least in this form.


I had decided just before Christmas to beef up my tiny set of Daniel Smith watercolours. I had their 6-tube introductory main set and the 6-tube introductory set of their Primatek mineral pigments, but I couldn’t find anywhere online in Canada to get 5 mL tubes of some specialty Primatek colours I wanted. I found a shop two hours away that special ordered them for me and then couriered them to me, but it cost me in total $83 for these five tiny tubes which was shocking.

However, I have them now and am currently working up a colour mixing chart for them.


I’ll never buy these paints again as they cost so much, but I’m happy I have my small set of 17 to work with. In order to fit five extra pans in the tin, I bought empty half pans off Amazon and then stuck them in the tin with self-adhesive magnetic tape. After squeezing the pigment from tubes into the pans, so far it’s working well and the five extra pans are stable enough to dip into.



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