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The Great Jigsaw Puzzle Imperative and Other Analog Pursuits

One of my pen pals recently recommended a book to me that I just received from the library after putting it on hold. The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter by David Sax is fascinating because I … Continue reading

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A Mug Rug Exchange

I agreed some time around April to participate in a quilted mug rug swap with a group of quilters. I had no idea what a mug rug was but it was a small item and seemed like fun. We had … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Artist Trading Cards

One of my pen pals has been making and trading artist trading cards (ATCs) for years. While I can’t do a lot of artwork now due to pain and injury, she sent me the most beautiful ATC of an owl … Continue reading

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Art Supplies of 2018

I went a little mad buying art expensive art supplies after being given some money. In late 2017 I bought some dream Winsor & Newton professional watercolour paints that I’ve wanted for decades, as well as a small palette of … Continue reading

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The Embroidered Nightie

You can see my original post from October 2016 about sewing this nightie here. While the tendinitis in my shoulder has improved, I have chronic tendinitis in the rest of my arm so it’s taken me a while to do … Continue reading

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Art Books for Christmas

I usually do up little montages and text citations for books, but I bought so many for Christmas that I’m using photos to explain. As usual, I started buying these before Christmas, but I had been waiting for months for … Continue reading

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Finally, the Watercolour Mixing Charts

In June 2016 I started a mixing chart for a new palette of 24 Winsor & Newton half pan watercolours. It took me years to be able to afford these and when I got them I was so intimidated that … Continue reading

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