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Weaving and Appliqué Books and DVD

October 17, 2016

One of the things about moving across the country is that when you reorganize and pare down the stuff, it clarifies what is really important to you.

I have missed using my rigid heddle weaving loom, and I never got the time to try to weave purse straps using tablet weaving, so I’d like to get back to that when my shoulder injury repairs itself.

I have Deborah Kemball’s previous book Beautiful Botanicals, and I liked this Euphoria Tapestry Quilts for some of the smaller projects she includes. I was thinking of maybe using some of these designs in a mixed embroidery/appliqué accent on the shawl collar of a dressing gown I am making myself.


There are scant books on using a rigid heddle loom, but now and then a good one comes along. Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom by Syne Mitchell I liked because she discusses using two heddles for doubling the sett of your woven piece which is something I have planned to do for a couple of years for some new tea towels. I have the kit and extra heddles from Ashford, but never got them attached to the loom, it too was deferred for home renovations and selling and moving house.


I thought I might find some classes in my new area on tablet or card weaving, but there don’t seem to be any. I had woven two nice pieces of cloth to make purses some years ago, one in a lovely houndstooth pattern, and I wanted to weave my own bands to use as purse straps. I have the crochet cotton and the cards and shuttle/beater, and the spouse made me a surfboard style loom, but I couldn’t figure the process out from the book I bought.

This video is supposed to be very helpful for the confused and although he uses an Inkle loom for demonstrations, they can be adapted for my handmade loom.


Tablet Weaving Made Easy by John Mullarkey is a 2-disc video class lasting 120 minutes that gets good reviews, particularly from people like me who find the whole process confusing when using the weaving cards.

Boy, these are quite inspiring!



Tablet Weaving

December 13, 2010

I am enjoying using the rigid heddle loom so much that I thought I’d like to try tablet weaving. I did briefly consider an Inkle loom but I don’t have the money for that.

My husband is making me a long, thin loom for tablet weaving and I have bought a set of cards along with a belt shuttle. You can make your own cards from playing cards or cardboard, but that would hurt my hands too much.

I got the idea for this loom from someone online who said it would be easy enough to put together even for people like us who aren’t woodworkers. The blocks at either end are tensioning devices and will have bolts and wing nuts to bolt them to the long board. I will glue felt between the layers that will hold the warp thread and finished lengths of weaving. The wing nuts will hold everything together.

Anyway, it’s a start, and most importantly it cost about $5 instead of $150. My board is 34 inches long, and some people go as long as 47 inches or 1.2 meters but I didn’t have a board that long. It is 7 inches wide so will give me room to do wider straps if I wish.

At the minute I am planning purse straps of about 30 inches length but at some point I might try finer threads and do ribbons for drawstring bags.

Tablet weaving has a fascinating history and has been in use for centuries. I find that rather compelling as well since I love history so much.

Update: Here is the tablet loom finished with my rigid heddle loom on my drafting board.