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Organizing Quilting Fabric

June 11, 2017

When I moved to a new house I just took all my fabric out of boxes and piled it up neatly, with no regard to colour. I knew I’d have to sort it out once I got my new sewing machine, so that I could more easily find fabrics. After reading some of my new books on scrap quilts, and the recommendations for sorting by colour, I finally tackled this big job and am satisfied that I took the time to do it.

So I bought some wire baskets from the dollar store and laid out 12 of them on tables and commenced sorting my fabric. I folded the smaller pieces into the baskets, and then folded larger pieces and yardage in piles by each basket. The colour designations I used were:

Neutral Grey, Taupe, Beige
Multi Brights

This is a view of the Purple and Green piles.


Then I put them back in the flat pack cupboard I use for fabric. I sorted my batting scraps and placed them in a storage bin on top of the cupboard, and inside two bankers boxes I put big yardage for backings, and yardage of corduroy and velveteen that I use for sewing bags.


I also have my current projects laid out so that they aren’t buried and I can access them, which is much more practical.

The cupboard is not quite wide enough to have the baskets spaced evenly so it looks a bit jumbled, but it is so easy to find colours, especially the smaller pieces that are now collected in the baskets, and I discovered many fabrics that I’d forgotten I had so I am very pleased I took the time to sort in this way. It will be much easier to pick and choose fabrics for scrap quilts in the future.



Look at those gams!

July 11, 2008

Rue is showing off her new purple pumps and the skirt of her new flirty dress. I got the skirt hemmed nicely and then was felled by a cold and fever, so she’s seeing how the fabric drapes on her. It also has some yellow colour in there which will pick up her yellow fishnet stockings.

She needs red shoes to really set this off and I’m making her a red bolero to go with this and planning navy featherstitch accents on the sleeves and around the perimeter of the jacket. Also some red jewellery and new earrings.

I was calling her “Glam Gams” today but she didn’t appreciate it.

Computers and Other Junk

May 2, 2008

I’ve spent all week dealing with failed electricity, water problems from the well, and computer problems. It was not a great experience. Seven hours and two days later I’ve got my computer running smoothly again with a different anti-virus program and a freshly reinstalled and operational Microsoft .NET framework.

I bought some patterns and a book for making handbags as I desperately need one, and I am planning several of those plus some small quilts in an effort to use up my gorgeous piles of brand new quilting fabric, collected over 24 years.

The book is called Making Vintage Bags: 20 Original Sewing Patterns for Vintage Bags and Purses and seems to have some classic designs that you could do up in very creative ways with fabric.

I can never find a decent handbag–I’ve been carrying around a Granny purse for years–one with cream vinyl and a tapestry fabric insert. Frumpy!!! I’ve got to get hip and sew some bags with some style at least. It’s pretty embarrassing, I’m almost afraid to show you.