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Margarine Rides to Banbury Cross

While reading Ulysses by James Joyce, I came across Leopold Bloom mentioning “potatoes and marge” in the Laestrygonians chapter, and I had to look up the history of margarine because I thought it had been invented around World War I … Continue reading

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The Bloomsday Quilt

I am finally getting somewhere with this after sewing six blocks. Here is a photo of the completed blocks and the current layout without the Art Nouveau appliqué that’s going in the lower left-hand corner. The Bloomsday Quilt was inspired … Continue reading

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Jumping Jack Joyce

The preparations continue! I was thwarted by the prices and shipping of the available James Joyce finger puppet and the James Joyce action figure, so I found a pattern and instructions online for a jumping jack and modified it in … Continue reading

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The Great Ulysses Journal Project

I am going to be reading the James Joyce book Ulysses for a few months. As well as a used edition of Ulysses itself, I bought a secondary explanatory reference called The New Bloomsday Book to help with Joyce’s allusions … Continue reading

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