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Books on Painting Water and Bird Photography

I want to do up a small watercolour and coloured pencil drawing of a sandpiper to represent a story from my father’s childhood. Now that he’s dead I’d like to get this done and framed. I was going to use … Continue reading

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Beefing Up Gouache Palette and Brushes

One of the fairly local art supply places has a big sale on so I added four more colours to my gouache palette. While fiddling around doing decorative initials and drop caps on my Manner and Material blog, I realized … Continue reading

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Biographies and Art Technique Books

I bought 4 new books and 2 used books that looked interesting for biography art techniques. 1) How to Draw & Paint Animals: Learn to Draw with Colored Pencil Step by Step by Debra Kauffman Yaun – another excellent Walter … Continue reading

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Don’t Struggle With Cheap Gouache!

Over the last 15 years or so, I’ve been struggling now and then to use my set of Reeves gouache. It’s great for beginner’s having a fiddle with a medium they aren’t sure about, but they are quite chalky and … Continue reading

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Watercolour Mixing Chart and More Handmade Envelopes Meet a Mantis

I always do a colour chart of the paints and pencils I have here, but I have never done an actual mixing chart using the colours of the palette. Since I am not familiar with some of the Winsor & … Continue reading

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Half Pans, Sketchbooks, Metric Weights for Paper, and Useful Apps

I try to think in centimeters and millimeters and meters, I also think in kilometers 90 percent of the time, but my stubborn mind will not grok the metric weight of paper. I am constantly looking up and converting online. … Continue reading

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Acrylic Abstracts, Lizards, Swiss Chard, and Books

I sometimes feel like I’m vying to build the most comprehensive art techniques library I have known. I am choosy about what I buy because many of these books say the same thing, but I have quite a few despite … Continue reading

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